Why are your clients so happy with your on-going support and development and marketing?

Our Dance Shop is built on a solid foundation of products and services and our clients have direct access to our lead developer and team of dedicated professionals that make it happen. Since 1997 we have built our business and reputation around providing win-win-win solutions for our clients, our partners, and our community. From the ground up we provide the best of the best.

  • Our web servers are positioned strategically around the world and are shoulder to shoulder with the banks and fortune 500 enterprises and provide the highest level of uptime with 24/7 administration and support which we have been extremely happy with since moving to them in November 2011.
  • As a client you have your own fully independent website and related services plus you have a dedicated team of professionals who work hard to provide great value so we continue to earn your trust and business.
  • Our approach is ever evolving to adapt with the best practices of our peers and it is apparent in our every communication, in how we listen, and in how we present unbiased options with the client’s best interest in mind.
  • Our Microsoft Partnership gives us the ability to provide the best platform for running and managing your business securely in the cloud.
  • Our Google Partnership demonstrates we have the expertise and know-how to help our clients dedicate the needed resources to web marketing to win new customers and see the quickest and best possible return on their investments.
  • We have several other important partnerships too which help us stay current and provide better services and options and remain ahead of our competition.

Above all we are focused on developing long-term relationships so our clients, our partners, and our community can all flourish and continue to grow. We do this by working smarter to do more with all the resources at our fingertips – together we can do so much, which is why this solution is not just mine and yours – it is Our Dance Shop.

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